What is DENREI?

Simply put, DENREI is a secure messenger app that provides businesses, content creators, and individuals with the ability to broadcast directly to their customers and community in a private and exclusive manner.

Built to Solve Modern Communication Problems

No Spam

Are your users missing your emails because they are being flagged as promotions or spam?

No Censorship

Tired of social media services censoring or removing your content without warning?

No bloated marketing tools

Want to avoid bloated email marketing tools and just send content to your users?

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Secure Messaging Focused

Secure Messaging
Consistent App Upgrades

DENREI is updated regularly not just for feature updates, but to ensure we adhere to the latest security measures.

Email-based Platform

The backbone of DENREI is email messaging. As a privacy protected medium, the content written is wholly your own.

Simple Sign-up

Provide only the most basic information to get started. Share as much or as little information as you want with the community.

Data Privacy Promise

Take confidence in knowing that we respect your privacy and will never share or sell your information to third party services.

Additional Features

Private Messaging Private Messaging

Messages can only be sent between DENREI members, ensuring exclusivity.

Multiple Message Options Multiple Message Options

Broadcast to all of your followers or communicate with individual members.

Intuitive Inbox Intuitive Inbox

Designed to mimic email - review, reply, favorite, move and delete messages.

Analytics Dashboard Analytics Dashboard

Review, analyze and chart follower trends to support community growth.

Follower Moderation Follower Moderation

Optional follower moderation allows you approve each new follower request.

Automatic Privacy Notices Automatic Privacy Notices

Enable notices to further encourage users not to redistribute your content.

Broadcast Only Mode Broadcast Only Mode

Disable replies to user DENREI specifically for sharing news and updates.

Discover New Communities Discover New Communities

Search the DENREI directory and connect with members that interest you.

Unique Public Profile Unique Public Profile

Provide a photo and description to entice other members to give you a follow.

Custom Email Configuration Custom Email Configuration

Set up your account to work with your mail client - it works just like email.

Ready to join the private messaging broadcast community used by so many others?

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