DENREI is a community-building social media system designed to allow businesses, content creators, and individuals to connect directly with their supporters. It is built with the privacy and security of email, without the drawback of having your messages unnecessarily sent to your spam folder or left undelivered.

With DENREI, deliver messages and have conversations exclusively with your community. Offering in-store discounts, arranging events/meet-ups, or sharing news meant for a specific audience? DENREI is the perfect method to get the word out without wondering whether your message will be delivered.

Join DENREI today and start connecting with your community.

Key Features

  • Member-only messaging: Messages can only be sent between DENREI members.
  • Reliable message delivery: Unlike traditional email where email clients can flag things as spam or leave things undelivered, you can trust that DENREI messages will be delivered to your members every time!
  • Intuitive inbox: Designed to match an email inbox, DENREI makes it easy to review, reply, favorite, move and delete messages.
  • Organize and archive messages: Create and name sub-folders to better manage and store the messages you want to keep.
  • Attachments made easy: Attach photos and documents to your broadcasts to provide additional forms of media to your followers.
  • Discover new communities: Search the DENREI community listing to find other members with interests that align with our own. Grow your network!
  • Easy-to-use dashboard: Review and analyze your new followers at a glance. Review who recently followed you, how many new followers you have received, your total followers, and chart trends for your community growth.
  • Individual profile: Choose a unique username, profile photo, and describe what you will be posting about on DENREI to gain more followers in the Community section.
  • Member moderation: Keep your community even more exclusive with an optional feature that requires your approval to allow members to follow your messages.
  • Privacy notices: Enable automatic privacy notices to the bottom of each broadcast you make to further encourage users to not redistribute your content.
  • Disable replies: If you choose to use DENREI for sharing news rather than conversing, members can disable replies to messages.
  • Email client configuration: Interested in using DENREI outside of the app? No problem! Setup DENREI as you would any other email account with your mail client of choice with the use of email information and setup instructions provided at DENREI.com